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Sure to be the subject of much discussion, this new book takes a look at the post Vatican II approach to liturgy through the eyes of a man who says the Church has lost much and gained nothing through the promulgation of the “Novus Ordo” Mass. An accomplished novelist and writer, German author Martin Mosebach gives a deeply personal plea for a return to the preconciliar Latin Rite, giving a persuasive and compelling argument against what he sees as a jarring break in tradition. His heartwrenching account of ancient churches emptied by banal innovations in liturgy is one that will touch many Catholics, both in the Traditionalist movement and beyond.

Yet there is another way to approach the Liturgy. Surely the option of a Tridentine Indult Mass is something that should be available to Catholics, but one also cannot suggest that the rite promulgated by Paul VI is somehow invalid or shou1d be abolished. In his foreword, Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J., points out the difference between Mosebach’s approach and �those who, like myself, the Adoremus Society, and-I think I can assert this with confidence-Pope Benedict XVI, advocate a rereading and restructuring of the liturgical renewal intended by the Second Vatican Council, but in light of the Church’s two-thousand-year tradition.�

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