The Beginner’s Book of Chant

Author: A Benedictine Monk

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A Simple Guide for Parishes, Schools and Communities by A Benedictine Monk.

Why yet another book on Gregorian Chant? Many books have talked about chant as if it were a dead science. It is a living art form. The Beginner’s Book of Chant is offered to those parishes, schools and communities who wish to dive head-first into its singing. Using the simplest of the chants in common use it gives practical instruction on reading the traditional notation, methods of interpretation, rehearsal techniques and accompaniment together with a potted history of its development through to the current day.

A “timely” book. The Catholic Herald
“For plainsong novices, I recommend this book highly.” The Tablet
“For every frustrated choirmaster unable to persuade the choir to look at chant or the chorister who likewise cannot get the choirmaster motivated, The Beginner’s Book of Chant may well provide a solution.”

Saint Michael’s Abbey Press, 2000. Sewn softcover, 96 pp.

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