Thomas More: A Portrait of Courage

Author: Gerard B. Wegemer

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One of history’s most admired figures and one of the great lawyers and statesmen of all time, Thomas More was voted “Lawyer of the Millennium” by the Law Society of Great Britain and named “Patron of Statesmen” by John Paul II. More combined immense humanistic learning with an unequaled command of the legal and political traditions of Christendom, forging a profound philosophy of statesmanship and freedom. To this philosophic and cultural achievement, More added the virtues of an exemplary husband, father, and friend and the detachment and interior peace of a saint. He thus emerged from the first great crisis of modern tyranny—a crisis that would claim his life—as the model of a truly free man, whose conscience and character no despot can subvert. More was canonized in 1935, as Hitler was rising to power and the world needed an example of courage and skill in the face of the greatest of dangers.

This biography reveals how More prepared himself for the challenges of his life, and how he rose to the demands placed upon him in what became one of history’s most revolutionary periods.

Scepter Publications. Softcover, 307 pp.

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