The Treasury of Prayers, Proverbs and Psalms

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A boxed set of three titles, inlaid with gold decoration. Each book is illustrated with details from paintings by masters such as Raphael, Rembrandt, Michelangelo and Vermeer. A Treasury of Prayers presents 50 prayers from sources both ancient and modern, for every occasion: praising God, asking for forgiveness, interceding for family and friends, for people throughout the world and for inner strength and peace. A Treasury of Proverbs contains 50 proverbs to reflect the many facets and challenges of living: love, friendship and family, duties and pleasures, times and seasons, wisdom and folly, and the pursuit of virtue. They are taken from the Old Testament book of Proverbs, attributed to King Solomon, and from Ecclesiastes, the Song of Solomon and the Apocrypha. A Treasury of Psalms reproduces a selection of passages from the biblical book of Psalms. They are prose hymns that express the heartfelt hopes and beliefs of men and women of faith.

Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd, 2002. 3 hardcover books in their own box, 93, 77 & 77 pp.

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