The Silence of Thomas

Author: Bruno Forte
ISBN: 0904287878

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The Silence of Thomas is a translation of a work by an Italian priest, scholar and prolific writer on theology. It is a slim book, but full of good things. Basically it describes briefly a happening in the life of St Thomas Aquinas when, towards the end of his life, he suddenly fell silent, stopped writing and dictating, overcome by the wonder of God’s creation and of His love for His creatures. He no longer wanted to write (calling his writing “straw”); instead he devoted the rest of his life to contemplation and praise. However, by far the main interest in the book is Forte’s own poetry that is interspersed throughout the narrative and which is a comment on it. The poetry is simple, unaffected and moving and will appeal to all who seek to understand better the wonder of the divine mysteries that are at the heart of creation. This is a precious little book.

New City, 2003. Hardcover, 71 pp.

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