The Monastic Institutes

Author: John Cassian

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On the Training of a Monk and the Eight Deadly Sins

This is the first complete and unabridged translation into English of this key text from one of the most important masters of the spiritual life. Cassian’s teaching underliesthat of St. Philip Neri and St. Francis de Sales and was also one of the major influences on St. Benedict. The work is divided into two sections, both of which are full of practical and hopeful advice for the living of the Christian life.

The first part, “On the Training of a Monk”, relates many of Cassian’s fascinating first hand experiences of the tradition of the Desert Fathers. He makes suggestions as how their spirit can be reapplied in a Western, more urban context. In the second part, “The Eight Deadly Sins”, Cassian sees the classic weaknesses of the human condition as obstacles or hurdles in the Christian life, which the spiritual athlete – under grace – can conquer one by one on the road to sanctity.

Saint Austin Press, 1999. Hardcover, 213 pp.

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