The Liturgy After Vatican II

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Denis Crouan, the author of several studies on pressing liturgical questions of our rime, including the book The Liturgy Betrayed, presents another penetrating work on the present state of the Eucharistic Liturgy, the problems that still exist, and how to correct these abuses. The responses Crouan has received to all of his writing and speaking on this topic from Catholics of every stripe shows the weariness and confusion of many of the faithful regarding the Sacred Liturgy.
Crouan says that the great majority of Catholics need and want, not celebrations that are �creative� but a Eucharistic Liturgy that offers all the guarantees of Catholicity and leads them to an authentic contemplation of the mysteries being celebrated. He demonstrates the urgent need to examine liturgical practice in parish churches, and to clarify matters by acknowledging erroneous practices in order to establish a greater fidelity to the real teaching of Vatican II and the Roman Missal. This is what he sets out to do in this book.

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