The Collects for Ordinary Time : A Study in the Roman Missal

Author: Gerard Moore
ISBN: 9780907077725

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An in-depth study of the thirty-four Collects for Ordinary Time in the renewed Roman Missal, with detailed analysis of their sources, language, and theology.

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As part of the renewal of the liturgical books called for by the Second Vatican Council, the Roman Missal has undergone substantial revision. This has included a revision of the presidential prayers assigned to the priest. Given the central role of the Missal in the worship of the Church, especially as the ecclesia works to renew itself in response to the Council, these prayers merit comprehensive study. (…) This study, focussing on the collects for the Sundays of Ordinary Time, will attempt to ascertain their liturgical theology of the relation of the Christian people to God. This relationship, in fact, appears to be one of the central concerns reflected in these orations. — From the Introduction

Though there may be varied opinions in the field of liturgy all discussion ought to take place in the peace of Christ. Within this tradition the Liturgiam Aestimare series dedicates itself to the irenic study of liturgical texts. Gerard Moore’s volume (…) embodies these very principles. — From the Preface

Prof. Gerard Moore, an Australian theologian and liturgist, gained his Doctorate in Sacred Theology from the Catholic University of America. Currently he is Principal of Broken Bay Institute in Sydney. He has been a member of various committees within the International Commission for English in the Liturgy (ICEL), as well as in a range of ecclesial Australian worship bodies. Gerard has published widely in liturgy, nationally and internationally, and is a member of the Public and Contextual Theology Research Centre, Charles Sturt University.
Rev. Dr Gregory Carey osb received his doctorate in Sacred Liturgy at the Pontifical Institute at Sant’ Anselmo, Rome, and is a monk of St Michael’s Abbey at Farnborough, Hants.

Saint Michael’s Abbey Press, 2021. Sewn hardcover, 622 pp.

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