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This book contains all of the rites a priest may need in the course of his normal pastoral duties.

In his day to day pastoral duties, a priest is often called upon to celebrate the sacraments for the sick or the dying in circumstances that give him very little time to prepare the celebration.
For these situations the priest requires a book in which he finds all the rites he may need, and within each rite all the texts he needs in the right place, without any cross-referencing.
But at the same time the conscientious priest will want to use the rites and texts which are most appropriate to the needs of the sick person and the circumstances of the occasion.
This ‘Pocket Ritual’ is an attempt to meet those demands.
It is by no means a complete ritual for the sick and the dying. But it does attempt to provide rites and texts for those pastoral situations in which a priest is required to celebrate for those who are seriously ill when there is no time to prepare the celebration.

McCrimmon Publishing Company, 1997. A6, Paperback, 130 pp.

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