Plainsong for Parishes

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A comprehensive disc with a good selection of several plainsong Masses all within the reach of a normal choir and congregation, together with other Mass parts, chants and hymns to Our Lady. A recommended buy. Tracklisting 1-5. Lux et Origo (Mass I) 6-10. Cunctipotens Genitor Deus (Mass IV) 11-15 Missa de Angelis (Mass VIII) 16-20 Cum Jubilo (Mass IX) 21-25 Orbis Factor (Mass XI) 26-29 Advent and Lent (Mass XVII) 30-35 Requiem Mass 36 Asperges Me 37 Vidi Aquam 38 Credo I 39 Credo III 40 Responses at Eucharistic Prayer 41 Mysterium Fidei 42 Pater Noster 43 Tantum Ergo 44 Ave Maria (Mode I) 45 Ave Maris Stella 46 Ave Regina 47 Ave Verum (Mode VI) 48 Regina Caeli 49 Salve Regina

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