On The Holy Mass by Dom Prosper Gueranger

Author: Dom Prosper Gueranger
ISBN: 9780907077473

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Gueranger loved, lived, and breathed the Roman Liturgy. A step by step guide, “On the Holy Mass” offers some of his insights into the history and meaning of its prayers and ceremonies. The work, though a commentary on the Roman Rite of Gueranger’s day, has much to offer the Church of Benedict XVI’s pontificate. In these days of widely-acknowledged liturgical crisis we need to be reminded of the history, character, the true texture of Catholic worship, the ability of the liturgy to do its own work without crass or illegitimate innovation, and that the priest is servant, not master, of the Church’s rites.

Saint Michael’s Abbey Press, 2006. Sewn & hardbound in cloth, 160 pp.

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