Marthe Robin: The Cross and the Joy

Author: Raymond Peyret

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Marthe Robin was physically incapacitated, bed-ridden and blind for most of her life; yet this physical suffering did not prevent her from living a life of heroic virtue, one of service to the missions, prisoners, the poor, and retreatants throughout the world.

The Cross and the Joy beautifully captures Marthe’s life story, and gives us wonderful insights into the value of suffering and of a person completely dedicated to God.

Fr. Raymond Peyret, a Valence priest and editor of the Catholic weekly of Drome, Peuple Libre (A Free People), became interested in Marthe Robin while covering her extraordinary funeral. Though he lived just twenty-five miles from Marthe Robin and had heard about her from his youth, by nature he was little inclined towards private visions and was not interested in esoteric spirituality. Yet, when he investigated first hand the life of this woman he became completely won over by her and felt compelled to write this book.

St Pauls, 2001. Softcover, 136 pp.

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