Learn to Read Latin part II

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Learn to read Latin helps students acquire an ability to read
and appreciate the great works of Latin literature as quickly as
possible. It not only presents basic Latin morphology and syntax with de8r explanations and examples but also offers direct access to unabridged passages drawn from a wide variety of latin texts. As beginning students learn basic forms and grammar, they also pin familiarity with patterns of Latin word order and other features of style.

Learn To Read Latin
. is designed to be comprehensive and requires no
supplementary materials
� explains English gammar points and provides drills
especially for today’s students
� offers sections on Latin metrics
� Includes numerous unaltered examples of ancient Latin
prose and poetry
� incorporates selections by such authors as Caesar,
Cicero, Salust, Catullus, Verail, and Ovid, presented chronologically with introductions to each author and work.
� offers a comprehensive workbook that provides drills and
homework assignments.

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