Introducing Benedict’s Rule, by Michael Casey & David Tomlins

Author: Michael Casey

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If you are interested in delving deeper into the Rule of Saint Benedict, this is the perfect book for you. Through its 18 chapters, both authors study the main themes of the Rule. As it is mainly a tool of study, they do it in a straightforward way. There is a great balance between:

– the study aspects, for instance the study of the sources (of course a lot the Rule of the Master – but also Cassian, Basil, etc), and how Benedict uses and modifies them

– the connection between the Rule and how we can live it today. This book is directly addressed to monks and nuns living under the Rule of Saint Benedict, but it can very well be applied, as the Rule itself, to any Christian living in the world today. The chapter 5 on humility is but one of many possible other examples.

Both authors alternate: chapter 1 is by one author, chapter 2 by the other, etc.

Both authors are Australian Trappist monks. David is the abbot of the monastery of Tarrawarra, Michael is the Vocation Director, as well as the librarian. Michael Casey has published many books and articles on religious topics.

Editions of St. Ottilien, 2008. Softcover, 252pp.

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