I Call You Friends

Author: Timothy Radcliffe

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Timothy Radcliffe, Master of the Dominican Order, embodies, in a rare combination, the qualities of authority in high office with an openness to new ideas and a thoroughgoing honesty. Indeed, that honesty, accompanied at all times by a certain lightness of touch, is the mark of true humility and it gives his new book its distinctive appeal. I Call You Friends falls into two parts. In the first half, Father Radcliffe writes of his own life from a privileged childhood and education to his calling to the life of poverty and religious observance. In the second half there is a collected series of addresses and talks which the author has given to a wide range of audiences from Manila and Prague to Mexico. He talks of fundamental religious truths in a manner that is potent yet undogmatic. This inspiring new book is sure to add to the growing number of his admirers.

Continuum, 2003. Softcover, 330 pp.

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