Footprints of the Northern Saints

Author: Basil Hume

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What is life all about? What are we here for? Where is it all leading? What happens after death? These are questions which haunt people in our day. The early Northern saints brought answers to these questions and those answers are as relevant today as they were in their time.’ In Footprints of the Northern Saints, Cardinal Basil Hume invites us to journey with him in the footsteps of the early saints of Northumbria, saints such as Paulinus, Aidan, Hilda and Cuthbert. With enthusiasm and simplicity, he tells the stories the stories of these holy men and women under whose shadow he feels he has lived all his life. He shares why they mean so much to him and reflects on their message for us today. Illustrated with photographs of the Northumbrian landscape, Footprints of the Northern Saints is a beautiful book of profound simplicity. It has much to say to all of us, whether in or outside the Church, ordained or lay. We long for the spiritual, for the transcendent; the Cardinal invites us to journey in search of it.

Darton,Longman & Todd Ltd, 1996. Softcover, 96 pp.

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