Florilege Gregorien

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In view of commemorating the ninth centenary of the founding of their Abbey, the monks of Fontgombault have recorded this diverse selection. The accompanying booklet contains the music for all the featured chants. Tracklisting: 1. Introit Benedicta Sit 2. Versicle and Thanksgiving Prayer 3. Introit Dignus est Agnus 4. Antiphon O Sacrum Convivium 5. Gradual Audi Filia 6. Prolixa responsory Sancta 7. Offertory Justorum Animae 8. Alleluia Justi Epulentur 9. Communion Beati Mundo Corde 10. Hymn Quicumque Christum Quaeritis 11. Sequence Dies Irae 12. Kyrie XVII b 13. Tract Domine non secumndum 14. Short responsory De Ore Leonis 15. Hymn Tibi Christe 16. Hymn Te Joseph celebrent 17. Antiphon Sanctissime 18. Versicle and Collect 19. Introit Da Pacem 20. Psalm Exaudiat 21. Versicle and collect 22. Offertory Recordare 23. Communion Regina Mundi 24. Antiphon Pax Aeterna 25. Antiphon Salve Regina 26. Angelus Bell

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