Duplicate The Liturgy of the Departed in the Roman Rite

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The monks of Fontgombault sing Gregorian chant for the Liturgy of the Departed in the Roman Rite. The accompanying booklet contains the music for all the featured chants. Tracklisting: 1. Invitatory Regem cui omnia 2. De Profundis 3. Subvenite 4. Introit Requiem 5. Kyrie 6. Gradual Requiem Aeternam 7. Tract Absolve 8. Sequence Dies Irae 9. Offertory Domine Jesu Christe 10. Sanctus 11. Agnus Dei 12. Communion Lux Aeterna and De Profundis Psalm 13. Libera Responsory 14. In Paradisum Antiphon 15. Ego Sum Antiphon 16. Credo Responsory 17. Qui Lazarum 18. Domine quando 19. Memento 20. Peccantem 21. Omne and Magnificat Canticle

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