Discovering Edith Stein in a Daisy Wreath of Friend

Author: Pat Lyne

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A sequel to her popular biography of Edith Stein ‘Edith Stein Discovered’, this is Pat Lyne’s personal memoir, whose central thread is her deepening knowledge and love of the saint which began when Edith was barely known. This warmly written account visits places associated with Edith’s life and meets pioneering figures of Edith Stein research. The circumstances and areas of Pat Lyne’s own life form the backdrop to the ‘discovery’, as former guestmistress of Presteigne Carmel, she has many insights about this monastery on the Welsh borders, and she also charts, as background to her membership, the development of another important form of Carmelite life, the Secular Order (formerly ‘tertiaries’ or Third Order).

Gracewing, 2004. Softcover, 130 pp.

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