C.S. Lewis’ Case for the Christian Faith

Author: Richard Purtill

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Drawing on the whole body of C.S. Lewis’ published fiction and non-fiction, as well as previously unpublished letters, Richard Purtill offers a clear, comprehensive assessment of Lewis’ defense of Christianity. He examines Lewis’ thinking on religion in light of contemporary thought, giving attention to such central issues as: the nature of God, the divinity of Christ, the manifestation of miracles in history, the challenge of faith, the meaning of death and the afterlife.

“C.S. Lewis’ Case for the Christian Faith” is an excellent introduction to Lewis’s best thinking on the major themes of the Christian tradition. Those who know his writing will find a new appreciation of his “Christian imagination” and a deep respect for his distinctive contribution to an understanding of Christianity.

Ignatius Press, 2004. Softcover, 192 pp.

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