Appreciating the Collect – An Irenic Methodology

Author: James Leachman, Daniel McCarthy
ISBN: 9780907077619

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‘The collects are much-neglected springs of living water,’ wrote the great Dom Cabrol in 1920. The General Instruction on the Roman Missal tells us that these Opening Prayers gather and summarize all the prayers of the faithful. But what of their history, their form, their vocabulary, their role?

In ‘Appreciating the Collect’, scholars from four continents introduce the established textual critical apparatus of Rome’s Sant’Anselmo Pontifical Institute of Liturgy, and apply this methodology to specific collects of the 2002 Roman Missal.

Their insights into the history, structure, grammar and vocabulary of the Collect is offered as a service to the whole Church, not only to bishops, academics, and those charged with the onerous task of translation of texts into local languages, but to all who wish to make the words of the Church’s prayer their own, and appreciate the Collect.

Contributors to Appreciating the Collect: Fr Ephrem Carr OSB, Fr James G. Leachman OSB, Fr Reginaldus Thomas Foster OCD, Fr Anthony Igbekele, Fr Daniel P. McCarthy OSB, Dr Gerard Moore, Dr Bridget Nichols, Fr Patrick Regan OSB and Mgr Renato de Zan.

Saint Michael’s Abbey Press, 2008. Sewn hardcover, 272 pp.

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