A Gregorian Chant Master Class by Dr Theodore Marier

Author: Theodore Marier

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A Gregorian Chant Master Class includes a textbook and CD outlining ten fundamental points of style distilled by Dr. Marier from over fifty years of teaching experience and explained in his own voice. These ten Instructions are accompanied by supplementary explanations and sung examples. Together, the book and companion CD offer a unique method of instruction designed for choir directors, teachers and individual students, making it possible for anyone to be initiated into the art of the chant.

Other Features: A chart of all the neums and musical symbols most commonly used in Gregorian Chant notation A simple step by step process for determining rhythm A selection of chant pieces for further study Musical examples coordinated with the standard chant text Liber Cantualis, for immediate use in the liturgy or classroom.

1 Legato; 2 Uniform Ensemble Sound; 3 Scales and Solfege; 4 Intonation; 5 Rhythm; 6 Introducion to Neums; 7 Neums; 8 Neums; 9 Interpretation of Expressive Neums; 10 Psalm Tones; 11 Chant Repertory – Pueri Hebreorum; 12 Chant Repertory – Pange Lingua; 13 Chant Repertory – Victime Pascali Laudes; 14 Chant Repertory – Kyrie IX; 15 Chant Repertory – Gloria IX; 16 Chant Repertory – Sanctus IX; 17 Chant Repertory – Agnus IX; 18 Chant Repertory – Benedicamus Domino.

Abbey of Regina Laudis, 2003. Spiral Binding, 82 pp.

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